Enneagram Workshop


Comments from the General Public

  • “It was a wonderful experience and extremely interesting and thought provoking.”
  • “Very helpful, gave me a lot to think about.  Good format.  Lots of breaks.”
  • “Excellent workshop.”
  • “The panels were extremely useful.  I got concrete, specific information.”
  • “Instructors demonstrated warmth, competency, and work well as a team.”
  • “Very helpful, gave me a lot to think about.  Good format – lots of breaks, good rhythm between theory and practice.”
  • “Extremely useful.  In addition, I found it personally significant.”

Enneagram Workshop

Comments from Clinicians

  • “Thank you so much for your outstanding work and for your warmth, patience and genuine presence! The workshop really helped me to understand my type on a much deeper level, as well as a much deeper understanding of the perspectives of both my clients and those in my personal life.”
  • “Renie provides a safe environment in which to explore this dynamic system.  Her warmth and vibrancy are refreshingly contagious.”
  • “The combination of mental and experiential was great!  Your depth of knowing this material is obvious and rich.  The workshop opened pieces of my work and myself – almost to an uncomfortable level, yet that in itself added to the richness.  Thank you for your work.”
  • “This is such a complex tool.  I think I learned a lot and feel as though this is just the beginning of an ongoing, longer-term process.  Seeing the panels was tremendously valuable, as was the clinical role play day.  Both Renie and Carol were knowledgeable, professional and caring.”

Comments from Managers

  • “Of all the personality typing systems I have studied, the Enneagram is the best and the most useful.  It enabled me to see myself totally for the first time.  I can even laugh at myself.  And then I can take the steps that I need to take to improve those areas that have been a weakness.”
  • “The Enneagram makes it easier to understand people.  It also helps me to understand myself and how people might perceive me.  It helps me to structure my communication differently and it helps me to understand the people I am working with.  I can change my approach, my communications, and my business dealings to be more effective.”
  • “The instructors are both knowledgeable of the subject and many areas of psychology and behavior patterns.  It held the focus, interest, and attention of the entire class.  All the students appeared to be comfortable with sharing their personal information.”
  • “Great session!  It was ALL good!”
  • “I really enjoyed the exposure to alternative points of view.  I liked exploring my own and related points of view and believe this will improve my life.”
  • “I liked discussing the issues that arise between personality types – how people work and what makes them tick.  Understanding the values of each type was very helpful.”
  • “I especially liked the afternoon session and the way it built a deeper awareness of other’s perceptions and approaches to life.”